What Is Auditability?

What Is Auditability

What Is Auditability? Auditability describes the ability of an auditorto achieve accurate results in the examination of a company’s financial reporting. Auditability depends on the company’s financial recording practices, the transparency of its operational reporting, and the forthrightness of company managers in interacting with and providing their auditors with the required information. KEY TAKEAWAYS Understanding Auditability Audits are objective … Read more

What Is a One-Way Market?

What Is a One-Way Market

What Is a One-Way Market? A one-way market, or one-sided market, is a market for a security in which market makers only quote either the bid or the ask price. One-way markets arise when the market is moving strongly in a certain direction. By contrast, a two-sided market is one where both the bid and ask are quoted. … Read more

What Is an Ankle Biter?

Ankle Biter

What Is an Ankle Biter? Ankle biter is a slang term for a stock with low market capitalization. Understanding Ankle Biter Ankle biter is also used to describe very young children or possibly a small, aggressive dog. The idea is that both small children and dogs are so small that they can only reach one’s ankles. … Read more

How Staple Financing Works? Overview, Examples

Staple Financing

What is Staple Financing? Staple financing refers to a financing package extended to the potential bidders for the acquisition by the investment bank acting in the capacity of an advisor of the selling company. The financial package covers the entire lending package, including the principal, fees, and loan terms. The financing arrangement is stapled since … Read more

Equity Stripping | What is Equity Stripping?

Equity Stripping

Equity stripping is an asset protection strategy that entails encumbering an asset with a lien or liens so that little or no equity remains in the asset. The idea is to use equity stripping to make a property seem worthless to a creditor. After all, there’s no point in filing a judgment against an LLC … Read more

Book Closing: What it is and how it Works

Book Closing

“The books” are a business’s revenue, expense, and income summary reports. Business owners can close their books by zeroing out their income and expense accounts and then plugging net profit (or loss) into the balance sheet. Some accounting software automatically closes your income and expense accounts at year-end before adding your net profit (or loss) … Read more

Centralized Market – Definition and Explanation

Centralized Market

What is a Centralized Market? How can you define it? What are the most important aspects you need to know? In this post I will explain the significance of Centralized Marketso you’re aware of all you need to be aware of! Read on as I’ve collected the exact information you’re looking for! What is Centralized Market A … Read more

What Is an Easement in Gross?

What Is an Easement in Gross?

If you purchase a freestanding single-family home, you’re usually purchasing the land it’s on, as well. This means that you own the property, and nobody other person can take it away without your consent. That’s at least the situation as long as there aren’t any easements to play. A easement provides another person with permission to utilize your property. Based … Read more