How to Use a Delta eCredit?

How to Use a Delta eCredit?

If you booked travel during the pandemic, it’s more likely than not that you canceled those plans. Many airlines, including Delta Air Lines, revamped their cancellation policies and made it easier to rebook a future trip without losing money. However, these cancellations do not result in a cash refund, but rather an “eCredit” toward future … Read more

Is American Airlines Safe?

Is American Airlines Safe?

When it comes to air travel, safety is always a top concern for passengers. Is American Airlines safe in 2023? The answer is yes! American Airlines has a long history of providing safe and reliable service to its customers. The airline has been ranked as one of the safest in the world by So don’t … Read more

How to find Hilton Executive Lounges?

Hilton Executive Lounges

Some Hilton properties have Executive Lounges, which mean free food and drinks, a place to spread out and work outside your room, and sometimes an amazing view. Lounges are typically accessible to Hilton Honors members with Diamond elite status, as well as to some guests who purchase or upgrade to certain rooms. So where can … Read more

What is an Estate for Years?

What is an Estate for Years

Estate for years is a type of lease agreement that specifies an exact beginning and ending date for the tenant to occupy the property. Key Takeaways How Does Estate for Years Work? In real estate, a property being leased is called a leasehold estate. One type of leasehold estate is the “estate for years,” which means … Read more

What Is Auditability?

What Is Auditability

What Is Auditability? Auditability describes the ability of an auditorto achieve accurate results in the examination of a company’s financial reporting. Auditability depends on the company’s financial recording practices, the transparency of its operational reporting, and the forthrightness of company managers in interacting with and providing their auditors with the required information. KEY TAKEAWAYS Understanding Auditability Audits are objective … Read more

What Is Bagel Land?

What Is Bagel Land?

What Is Bagel Land? “Bagel land” is a slang term that refers to a stock or other type of security that is approaching zero ($0.00) in price. The name is derived from the fact that the $0.00 price tag resembles the round shape of the center of a bagel.  This term is typically reserved for … Read more

What Is a One-Way Market?

What Is a One-Way Market

What Is a One-Way Market? A one-way market, or one-sided market, is a market for a security in which market makers only quote either the bid or the ask price. One-way markets arise when the market is moving strongly in a certain direction. By contrast, a two-sided market is one where both the bid and ask are quoted. … Read more

What Is an Ankle Biter?

Ankle Biter

What Is an Ankle Biter? Ankle biter is a slang term for a stock with low market capitalization. Understanding Ankle Biter Ankle biter is also used to describe very young children or possibly a small, aggressive dog. The idea is that both small children and dogs are so small that they can only reach one’s ankles. … Read more